Passive Fire Protection Experts

Fyreguard is a Queensland owned company established in 1984 specialising in Passive Fire Protection. Fyreguard provides services including the supply of Passive Fire Protection products and the design and certification of Passive Fire products and systems. Fyreguard also has a contracting division to meet any supply and installation requirements.

Fire Rated Partitions and Ceilings

The correct design and installation of fire rated partitions and ceilings is not as easy as many think. Fyreguard supply a range of Calcium Silicate based board systems to meet specific needs of the construction industry which facilitate unique or difficult situations. With material costs usually higher that other board systems often the ease of installation, inspection and certification can make an installed system very cost effective. Some benefits can include walls up to 4 hour fire rated and 12 metres high, load bearing up to 6 metres, 2 hour single layer systems and 6 metre ceiling spans.