Who is Fyreguard?

Fyreguard has been servicing the construction industry since 1984. During the early years of Fyreguards’ establishment the construction industry knew little about the requirements of Passive Fire Protection and how they applied to commercial buildings.

Fyreguard embarked on a long journey of which we continue today to educate and provided services which increase the profile and correct application of the Building Codes and compliant fire rated systems. To ensure not only the correct products are selected, but that they are correctly installed and documented.

Passive Fire Protection is now considered an established trade and it is with great pride and a sense of achievement that Fyreguard were at the forefront of creating the Passive Fire Protection industry.

Please contact us to discuss how Fyreguard can assist you with your current project or any future developments.

Fully Licensed Contractors

The Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) requires all contractors and certifiers to be licensed in QLD including the Passive Fire Industry. Fyreguard have held these licenses including the certification requirement to maintain Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance since the licenses inception.